SME-6.0 & PXE on a VIA Mini-Itx

SME-6.0 & PXE on a VIA Mini-Itx Logo de SME

Lien: (PDF) SME-6.0 & PXE on a VIA Mini-Itx
Niveau: avancé
OS: Linux SME-6.0
Langue: anglais

– Installation of SME-6.0.0-01 withPXE in command mode.
We install TFTP, DHCP, and NFS on a Linux server (RHL 7.3) and test them with a standard workstation. We copy the latest version of SME to our NFS shared directory and we adjust « install.cfg » configuration file.
We attach our future SME server directly to our Red Hat 7.3 portable computer through a crossover cable, check its BIOS settings then make it boot from the LAN. We accept the licence and after a few minutes the SME is automatically installed.
We use a crossover cable because we don’t want to change the setting of the DHCP server that is already on our LAN. If you want to use your regular DHCP just make sure to set the proper boot method of the future SME server to boot from disk instead of boot from LAN after the installation so it won’t loop back to installation again.

– Goal. In a few words. TFTP. DHCP. PXE directory containing the distro files. NFS. install.cfg. Troubleshooting.